Welcome to my character rant page! Pretty similar to my rant page but it focuses on characters i like. Again i don't know how frequently it will be updated.




Oh My God. I love venti literally so much. Despite the fact i have drifted away from genshin impact and it's fandom venti will literally always have a special place in my heart, i just cannot get over him. AAAAA. Despite his god awful design his personality makes me go insane! He is so goofy and joyful and i literally go crazy over him. THOUGH HIS BACKSTORY IS SO SAD :(. His little goofy jokes and all his cute lines i just adoreeeee! HIS LAUGH.AAAAAAA. I also have always been a fan of bards like if any media has a bard i will go crazy! His music is amazing and i love his overall mysteriousness he has to him. I could be in the worst depressive state ever and then i hear ventis laugh and i'm cured, like ahhhhh, i don't like to baby characters who are grown men but HE'S SO CUTE I CANNOT HELP IT! He always brings a smile to my face :) COMPLIMENTS ASIDE he's a really amazing character, i love how despite being a god he kind of stays in the back of the crowd yet still stays helpful, he keeps on a great sense of humor despite his troubles and most likely having some sinful villian backstory? i dont believe it's been confirmed if venti and all the archons are evil yet but it's so intriguing, the other archons seem more believable but venti just seems like this immature young adult who doesn't know much about the real world. I just love to read into venti theories though, and making my own theories, i love them and they make him 10x more interesting! And i think on how mondstat is like all about freedom, venti does a very good job sticking to that. This is ranting so i won't apologize for repeating myself but i think my main attachment to venti is his personality, it just never fails to bring a smile to my face and i love his mannerisms throughout the story in the game. He always acts immature like when he mocks piamons insults and he loves to make jokes and be playful. He will probably forever be my favorite archon!!!